10 Easy and Fun Easter Crafts for Toddlers: Creative Ideas to Keep Little Hands Busy

Easter is a wonderful time to engage toddlers in fun and creative activities. Crafting with your little ones not only allows for quality bonding time but also helps develop their fine motor skills and encourages their creativity to flourish. If you’re on the lookout for some delightful Easter craft ideas tailored for toddlers, you’re in the right place! Here are 10 simple yet engaging crafts perfect for the littlest hands.

  1. Egg Carton Chicks:
    • Gather some empty egg cartons, yellow paint, googly eyes, orange paper, and glue.
    • Help your toddler paint the egg carton cups yellow and let them dry.
    • Once dry, attach googly eyes and a small orange paper triangle for the beak to create adorable chicks.
  2. Bunny Masks:
    • Cut out bunny-shaped masks from white cardstock or paper plates.
    • Provide materials like cotton balls, markers, and colored paper for decorating.
    • Help your toddler glue on cotton balls for the bunny’s fur and add ears, whiskers, and a nose for a cute finishing touch.
  3. Easter Egg Potato Stamps:
    • Cut a potato in half and carve various Easter egg designs onto the flat surface.
    • Dip the potato stamps into washable paint and let your toddler stamp colorful patterns onto paper.
  4. Bunny Ears Headband:
    • Cut out bunny ear shapes from sturdy paper or craft foam.
    • Attach the ears to a headband using glue or tape.
    • Encourage your toddler to decorate the headband with stickers, pom-poms, or markers.
  5. Handprint Chick Cards:
    • Fold cardstock in half to create cards.
    • Help your toddler dip their hand in yellow paint and make a handprint on the front of the card.
    • Once dry, add googly eyes, a beak, and feet to turn the handprint into a cute chick.
  6. Easter Egg Suncatchers:
    • Cut out Easter egg shapes from colorful tissue paper.
    • Apply glue to a piece of contact paper and let your toddler stick the tissue paper shapes onto it.
    • Once finished, seal the suncatcher with another layer of contact paper and hang it in a sunny window.
  7. Paper Plate Easter Basket:
    • Cut a paper plate in half and decorate the curved edge with markers or stickers.
    • Staple or glue a strip of paper to each half to create a basket handle.
    • Let your toddler fill their basket with paper grass and mini Easter eggs.
  8. Pom-Pom Painted Easter Eggs:
    • Provide your toddler with plastic eggs and an assortment of pastel-colored pom-poms.
    • Dip the pom-poms in paint and let your toddler transfer them onto the eggs, creating colorful patterns.
  9. Fingerprint Carrot Patch:
    • Draw a carrot patch on paper using markers or crayons.
    • Help your toddler dip their fingers in orange paint and stamp fingerprint carrots onto the patch.
    • Add green stems using green paint or markers.
  10. Easter Bunny Tails Sensory Bin:
    • Fill a shallow container with shredded white paper or cotton balls.
    • Hide small Easter-themed objects like plastic eggs or bunny figurines within the “bunny tails.”
    • Encourage your toddler to explore the sensory bin and hunt for the hidden treasures.

Conclusion: Crafting with toddlers during Easter is not only a fun way to celebrate the holiday but also an opportunity to foster their creativity and imagination. These 10 easy Easter craft ideas are sure to keep your little ones entertained while creating lasting memories together. Happy crafting!