What to Pack in Your Nappy Bag: The Essential Checklist

what to pack in a nappy bag

If you’re a new parent, you know the importance of being prepared. From bottle feeding to handling dirty nappies, it’s crucial to have everything you need at your fingertips. That’s where the trusty nappy bag comes into play. Let’s look at what you need to pack in your nappy bag for a stress-free outing with your little one.

Choosing the Right Nappy Bag

Choosing a nappy bag is the first step. Go for baby bags with plenty of pockets and multiple compartments. This helps to keep your essentials organised. Plus, if there’s a sudden demand for a burp cloth or hand sanitiser, you won’t need to rummage through the bag.

The Nappy Bag Checklist

Here’s your go-to list of essentials to pack in your nappy bag before you leave the house.

Nappies and Wipes

Without a doubt, nappies and wipes are the first things to pack. Depending on how long you’ll be out, a good rule of thumb is to pack one nappy for every two hours. Remember to pack a travel-sized pack of baby wipes as well. These are perfect for nappy changes, cleaning hands, and wiping down surfaces.

Baby Bum Shower

Your ultimate cleaning companion. This handheld device delivers pH-neutral emollient-based soap and water or just water with a simple squeeze, making it perfect for messy situations. Say goodbye to complex cleanups and hello to convenience with the BBS.

Baby Bum Shower is also available to buy at Bambino Bubs online store.

Spare Clothes

Babies can be messy, can’t they? From spit-ups to food spills, it’s always good to have a set of spare clothes for your baby. Don’t forget to pack a spare top for yourself in case of spills or soiled clothes.

Nappy Rash Cream

Nappy rash can make a baby very uncomfortable. That’s why nappy rash cream is a must-have in your nappy bag. Look for a travel-sized tube to save space.

Feeding Essentials

Bottle feeding on the go can be easier than you think. Pack pre-measured formula powder in a dispenser. Don’t forget to bring an extra bottle and bibs.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is crucial, especially when clean water isn’t readily available. After changing dirty nappies or before feeding your baby, hand sanitiser ensures your hands are clean.

Burp Cloth

Babies often need to burp after feeding, and sometimes this can be messy. That’s where the burp cloth comes in handy.

Important Phone Numbers

Include a list of emergency phone numbers in your bag. This could be your paediatrician, your partner, or a close family member.

Quick Trips vs. Long Outings

For quick trips, you can get away with packing just the bare essentials: nappies, wipes, a bottle, and maybe a spare onesie. But for longer outings, you’ll need a more well-stocked nappy bag. Think of spare clothes, plenty of food, and perhaps some toys to keep your little one entertained.

Travel Sized Options

Travel-sized items are your best friend when it comes to packing a nappy bag. From mini bottles of hand sanitiser to travel packs of wipes and nappy rash cream, smaller is better. Not only will travel-sized items save you space, but they’ll also make your bag lighter.

Keeping Your Nappy Bag Organised

With so much to carry, how do you keep everything organised? The key is to make the most of the multiple compartments. Designate a pocket for each category of items, such as feeding essentials in one, nappy change items in another, and so on. This way, you’ll know exactly where to reach when you need something.

Final Thoughts

Preparation is key when venturing out with your little one. With a well-stocked nappy bag, you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings. Remember to restock your bag as soon as you return home, so you’re always ready for the next outing.

It might seem a lot at first, but with practice, you’ll be packing your nappy bag like a pro. From feeding essentials to a trusty bottle of hand sanitiser, every item in your bag plays a vital role in keeping your day smooth and your baby happy.

Your Nappy Bag, Your Lifesaver

The nappy bag is more than just a bag; it’s your mobile nursery. It’s your go-to place for every need of your little one while you’re away from home. It brings you peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared for any situation.

Choosing a nappy bag with plenty of pockets and multiple compartments, packing it wisely, and keeping it stocked is the way to go.

Now, it’s over to you! Do you feel better equipped to pack your nappy bag for the next outing with your bub? With this guide, we hope you do! Don’t forget to check out our online store, Bambino Bubs, for more baby essentials.

Remember, each outing with your baby is an adventure. And every adventure needs the right gear. Your nappy bag, packed with all the essentials, is your perfect partner for this journey. Happy parenting!